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Since 1995, more than 100 society and university not-for-profit publishers have been working with Stanford University’s HighWire Press to transform traditional print journals into enduring and dynamic online journals.  These publishers have invested millions of dollars in online technology for information presentation, distribution, and management; created unique and powerful online services for the education and convenience of scientists; initiated some of the largest and most influential experiments in online-only publishing; led the charge in making information free to people who cannot afford to pay for it; and developed state-of-the-art software to support authors, reviewers, and editors.  By effectively harnessing new technologies, these not-for-profit society and university publishers have promoted the wider dissemination of scientific information as well as free and unfettered access to journal content for both the scientific community and the public.  In so doing, these not-for-profit publishers have become leaders in the online revolution for scientific publishing. 

Through these not-for-profit publishers, the scientific community and the public have easy online access to over 1.6 million articles of which more than 600,000 full-text articles are free.  In addition, access is provided to the abstracts of more than 12.6 million articles in more than 4,500 Medline journals, as well as useful alerting and information management tools. 

The experiments that have been conducted since 1995 and that are ongoing have only been possible because these not-for-profit publishers have been successfully adapting their proven business models to the online environment. As a result, these society and university press journals remain high impact and well-respected custodians of the scientific literature. Through numerous organizations that serve the entire scholarly publishing community, not-for-profit publishers have freely shared their ideas and innovations, with the common goal of improving the dissemination of vital scientific and medical information throughout the world. 

March 16, 2004 - Press Release